Every year we vow to change things about ourselves as we see out the old year and usher in the new. Often these are personal or health goals such as losing weight or stopping smoking or drinking.  But how many of you resolve to make career goals your resolutions?

During the holiday season you will hopefully have had time to reflect on where you are now and where you would like to be.  So how can you channel these into a noticeable difference in your career path?

  1. Prioritize your goals – to increase the probability of sticking to your resolutions, don’t sign up for too much at once. Either decide on small goals that can be easily achieved or select those that will make the most impact and work on those first.
  2. Reduce stress – try to work out whether stress is from an outside source such as a challenging co-worker or from yourself. If you are putting too much pressure on yourself…stop!  Take time for yourself, and make sure you sleep more and find time to do the things you enjoy.  You can’t do everything all of the time, so don’t try to.
  3. Be more organised. This seems obvious but is easy to overlook.  Don’t try a new method or way of doing everything but focus on one or two key areas where you would like to be more organised and try sticking to that throughout the year.  This could simply be organising your inbox or your calendar so that you are more time efficient and feel more in control.  See what difference it makes.
  4. Look at alternatives – if your current day job is making you miserable or leaving you feeling unchallenged, seek an alternative. If you have ambitions, what can you do to make these happen?
  5. Learn a new skill. No matter what field you are in there are hundreds of computer programs or apps that could help you in your life.  Is there one you’ve been meaning to learn or get a better handle on?  Set this as a work goal and you won’t regret it particularly if it enhances the way you work and saves you time!
  6. Read a motivational or career-related book. Often it is easier to look at yourself when you read that someone else has had the same challenges and overcome then.  Motivation can be hard to muster on your own so see if you can pick up tips or a new perspective from someone else.
  7. Get connected. Your network is your net worth or so the saying goes. Make it your goal to add at least one new business connection per month. Who knows what doors one of them could open at a later date?
  8. Find a work mentor. A mentor can be invaluable in helping you achieve your goals and you’ll likely find they get as much from the experience as you.
  9. Join a professional organisation. Is there a group you’ve been meaning to join but put off?  Perhaps there is a local business meeting you could attend and network at?  Make yourself join in as the connections you establish could be mutually beneficial and might build not only your business but your confidence.
  10. Evaluate your work/life balance. Spend an evening reviewing this.  Do you feel like there is never time for family or fun?  If so, what can you do to change this?  Make it a priority for your long-term health and happiness.