Q. On what date is the deduction made from my credit card?

A. One month after the date you click ‘submit’ and enter your card detail.

Q. We don’t have a credit card so can we make a cash payment?

A. We are happy to take a cash payment but the amount must be for one year as we cannot accept monthly cash payments.

Q. We would prefer to pay annually, how do we do this?

A. We are happy to accept annual payments. You will automatically notify us by clicking the ‘pay annually’ box along side the credit card details.

Q. Will the subscription increase?

A. There are no plans to increase the subscription as we believe the current figure to be very fair.

Q. If I miss coming to an event, do I get a refund?

A. Unfortunately not but, you will be able to access the video episodes and other material on line.

Q. How will I know about the next Networking Event, will you notify me?

A. Networking events dates and all the information you need will be on line well in advance. You will need to register your wish to attend – this information is all available to you in the members section** on line once you have logged in.