Don’t Miss Out On This EPiC Event!

Adrian Foster

Invites you to his home for the FIRST ever Geneva EPiC Networking Event

The concept is to form a discussion / networking/ brainstorming group and to share experiences in the Geneva to Lausanne region, for International Legacy members who can’t always get to Zurich for functions and networking. Plus to share ideas and discuss any confusion areas if any in the training for International Legacy students.

Hopefully members who can make the Zurich meetings can report back to our group so we can keep up with trends and new ideas.

We would hopefully meet once a month, possibly on a venue rotation basis to be decided after our first meeting. Possibly a hotel/Restaurant in the future in numbers require such a venue. If there are sufficient member’s in this region we could possibly in the future share guest speakers coming to Zurich.

First Geneva EPiC Networking Event


The home of Kim and Adrian Foster

Unit number 2

Route de la Gare 16A

Mies 1295

18:00 – 21:00


We are situated exactly 30 meters from the Mies Railway station, so no need to drive or worry about drinking and driving!


Bring a Bottle of wine and possibly a snack to share!

RSVP to Adrian on for catering.

Phone number +41 787 346 459

Adrian will possibly cook up a good South African curry or the like once he knows how many will attend!

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