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We warmly invite you to attend our EPiC Networking event on Tuesday 31st of October at 18.45. At this Open Formal event, you’ll have the opportunity to learn to network with other members & meet Sonia Paget, Director of EPiC Switzerland and the rest of the EPiC team.

Yugen Naidoo

Property Investor & Developer / Property Mentor

I started investing in property in November 2013, having made the decision to transition away from a 15-year career in banking in the City of London.

First and foremost, I got myself educated and learnt how to invest safely and securely with the help of classroom training, the support of experienced investors and mentors and by surrounding myself with a network of like-minded individuals.

Today, I continue to build a portfolio of residential investments, including residential buy to lets and houses of multiple occupation. However, my forte lies in development opportunities, including new build projects as well as commercial to residential conversions.

I have six years’ financial regulation experience within the Prudential Regulation Authority at the Bank of England and the former Financial Services Authority, respectively.

Before this I spent 10 years in Investment Banking. Initially starting out in System Administration overseeing network and database architectures for an international merchant bank in Johannesburg, South Africa before moving into Credit and Risk Management in the City of London.

I have made investment types ranging from buy to let properties, to private HMO’s; and from high cash flowing social housing contracts to flips. Commercial property and change of use are now my preferred strategies. The deal and the creativity in packaging it is what excites me.

In August 2017 I was invited to join the International Mentorship Team for Legacy Education.


St Gotthard Hotel,

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18.45 – 22.00


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