12th November 2019: Daniele Scopece

Daniele Scopece: Property Anaylsis

As investors, we shouldn’t blindly trust our sourcing agents.
But how can we be sure of market trends affecting our purchasing decisions?

Data, when properly gathered and managed, can give us insight into important and decisive topics.

Daniele, apart from being a property investor, also has many year’s experience as a scientist and a data scientist,
which allows him to express his passion for programming, understanding, and taking nothing for granted.

Over the last 10 months Daniele has gathered high frequency data on the real estate market over the whole of the United Kingdom from various sources.
He will guide you in grasping the market trends on offers and demands, and show you how to leverage statistics and big data to minimize risks
in property investment.

People who can benefit from these analyses are:
– investors looking for the right area to purchase their first ever property,
– people willing to explore other geographical areas to diversify and mitigate risks in their portfolio,
– people preparing a pitch for their angel investors with facts, trends and numbers to be more incisive,
– people willing to have an independent source of information to validate the deal offered from their sourcing agents, as well as but not restricted to
– investors wanting to understand the big picture.

If you want to have a view on the market that is level-headed and numbers-based, this is a presentation not to be missed.