27th August 2019: Aamir Safdar

Aamir Safdar, International Mentor and Property Investor

“How to Have A Property Success Mindset”

As early as 1999, Aamir began to build-up his investment portfolio in London, alongside doing a number of property flips.  And he was making decent profits.  When he decided to change his career in 2012, his rental income was not dissimilar to his full-time salary.  He, however, knew that to take this to the next level, he needed to educate himself.  He joined Legacy in early 2014 and immediately started to implement what he learnt to his existing portfolio, as well quickly – though diligently – acquiring new assets, and became totally financially free within 12 months!

He now has a portfolio which comprises BTLs, HMOs and commercial properties all in London; moreover he has projects involving new builds, m office-to-residential, and part-build/part-conversion ongoing right now.  He, alongside one of his business partners, won the Legacy ‘Make-A-Wish’ Profit Award in 2017, which showed him that he had definitely made the right decision in his career change.

Thus is a few short years, he has managed to revolutionise the way in which he works and how he views his financial future now that his immediate and family’s financial needs are looked-after. This has allowed him to broaden his vision and to consider philanthropic endeavors, towards which he dedicates the bulk of his new investment projects.