Being an entrepreneur can be one of the greatest feelings on earth but in the early days especially, it can feel like you are on a treadmill that won’t turn off.  Working for yourself goes hand in hand with long hours and stress but it won’t always be that way.  However, as you build your success, you must ensure that you look after your health in the same way you do your business.

It seems futile to work so hard and build success if you are too ill to enjoy it because you have burnt out or worse!

One of the best ways to help yourself is by managing your time and energy levels. There is no point over committing yourself if you don’t have the energy or resource to see through those projects that will help you achieve success.  That’s where time management is critical.  Your health should be just as important as the deals you are doing.

We all know that entrepreneurs are time poor but you still need to ensure that your productivity is protected by eating well, getting enough sleep and finding some time out for exercise or leisure pursuits.  Make sure you find a way of unwinding that works for you.  You may even find that your energy and concentration improve when you build in time-out.

You are your most valuable resource but it’s down to you to take care of business and of course yourself.