We all know that person who has boundless energy, gets up early, fits in the gym, works through their to-do list AND has time to socialise. Perhaps that person is you!  However, if it isn’t, should you feel guilty about it?

Everyone is different, some people enjoy filling their day from dawn to dusk but others take things at their own pace.  Remember the hare and the tortoise? Faster isn’t necessarily better.  The point is, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to achieve your personal or professional goals, what matters is achieving them at all.  While ‘down time’ to one person is filling their time with an activity or arrangement, for another it’s simply doing nothing at all.  If you’ve worked a 40 hour week, you have earned that choice and it’s your decision how to spend your time.

However, time is the one thing you can’t buy back so what is imperative is to make sure you don’t waste time.  This includes not wasting time on negative people, goals that are unrealistic or things that make you unhappy.  Instead, spend quality time bringing your plans to life, doing what you are good at and enjoying the time you spend doing it.  Life is short, time is of the essence.