25th June 2019: Heather Mortimer

Social Housing: an advantageous investment strategy

Social Housing appeals to many investors as an income-focused, relatively hands-off strategy. Heather will showed us how to take advantage of the increasing demand for social housing including;

  • long-term passive income,
  • guaranteed rents,
  • the potential of it being a stepping-stone strategy for future change of use of the property, and
  • satisfaction of providing decent homes for people on lower incomes.

Heather Mortimer, from Glasgow, is a very accomplished yet modest product of the Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. (LEA) system – having won or having been nominated for numerous property awards, such as The Landlord & Buy to Let Awards 2009, The Landlord & Letting Award 2010 and winning the NLA Property Woman of The Year 2012 and The LEA Awards of Excellence Perseverance Award 2015.

Heather’s journey into the world of property came about when, after 20 years as a market trader and full-time single mother of two, her life took a major turn after the sudden passing of her brother and her mother’s subsequent diagnosis with cancer. Heather realised that she had to do something more positive and lucrative, so that she could become financially free and spend more time with her family.

So back in 2001, Heather decided to start investing in property as an ‘amateur’ investor, subsequently signing up to LEA Training in 2006, to help her further her property journey in a strategic and professionalized way. This was a decision that completely changed Heather’s life, to this day. With the help and support of her Mentor and the LEA Training and Networking provided, Heather has been able to fulfill her potential as a property investor.

Roll forward to 2019 and Heather is proud to say that she has been financially free for a number of years, owning numerous properties within Glasgow and the surrounding area. Heather’s area of specialization is Social Housing and she has also owned several property lettings businesses. From an LEA perspective, Heather now gives back to the next generation of International LEA Students as an International Mentor.