Being a Busy Fool

Being a Busy Fool – The Easiest Trap of the 21st Century

It is easy to fill your day, right? Every year there seems to be new tools for us to be distracted with – ones that we think will help us plan well, but in reality, can pull us away from our intended direction.

First it was emails, then Facebook and Twitter and now Instagram and Snapchat – it seems there is no end to the potential for distractions. But are we using them effectively and where do they fit in us being the best version of ourselves.

We are often reminded of the importance of being proactive rather reactive. We know we are supposed to think about where we are going and design steps towards how to get there.

The key, we have found in our performance workshops, is in planning with a commitment and direction aligned to our own personal values. Unless we have taken the time to stop and think exactly which values engage and inspire us, we are heading on a road towards nowhere.

Once I fully understood this, I found I had the confidence and the clarity to say “NO”. That’s it, probably the most important part of my transformation in performance development was in saying “no thanks” to things that were not important to me. I used to find this really hard before I’d established these important personal values. What I also found was that I was fully engaged to the plan – because I had a reason that made sense to me.

“Plans are nothing, planning is everything”


Thinking and planning (and communicating these intentions to ourselves and our teams) are more important than the plan itself. Executing the plan is the tough bit – of course realistic and engaging plans are the ones that work best. Space and time to think to align our intentions is just one part of the Perform in Property training that we believe is fundamental to a long and successful journey.

What does this mean as a property investor? I have in the past found I have been dragged into helping with some of the day-to-day management of some my properties. This isn’t really a good use of our time as professional property investors. Finding deals, sourcing the money and keeping an eye on the big picture is where we can really make things happen.

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