Am I Worthy?

Believing that you deserve to be successful is a prerequisite to success. That’s not to say that we should carry on as if the world owes us something as we all know it doesn’t. However, changing your mindset to accept that you are worthy of success and moving towards it with enthusiasm and excitement is a great start. You would be amazed at the number of people that either consciously or subconsciously sabotage their own efforts or chances of success. Don’t become a victim of this.

Forget excuses like “I’m not clever enough” or “Things never go right for me.” These are limiting self-belief assumptions that will get you nowhere fast.

Instead face up to proactive questions by asking yourself what is standing in the way of your success at this present time.

Really be honest with yourself. First answer in your head and then take pen to paper. Then ask yourself what the opposite of these feelings would look and feel like. More importantly, explore where you might be if you overcame these feelings – what could you be achieving instead?

Taking on a positive-opposite approach can take over your thinking very quickly and become embedded and ingrained in your psyche.
Who wants to be ‘good’ when they can be ‘great.’ Your behaviour and outlook on life has a direct impact on your success.

Only you can change it.

Look closely at yourself, implement small changes and see what a difference it can make to ALL areas of your life.