We all suffer from fear at some time in their lives, probably lots of times, fear of heights, fear of illness or dyeing, fear of the dark. Believe it or not fear is a mental aberration or, it’s all in the head and this is why some are more affected than others. Fear is a part of human evolution. It’s a survival tactic. The more afraid you are of something, the more you run away from it, the better chances for you to survive and the better chances to transfer that fear to your progeny.

So blame our ancestors, who were scared of certain things and transferred that fear to us. The ones who weren’t scared simply did not survive.

Let’s take the example of spiders.  

Scary, but relatively harmless creatures in today’s world. Mind you, there are particularly venomous spiders in Africa that were life threatening to our ancestors. So, their fear saved their life and we inherited the ‘spider fearing’ gene. In short, being scared of spiders is in our DNA. It’s helps us to survive.

As for our other phobias, there are similar misfirings of our genes. These fears were once able to protect us are now a trouble.
These emotional stimuli trigger a sympathetic response in our body (responsible for increasing heart beat, sweating, circulation, pupil dilation etc.), which makes us ready for fright , fight and flight.

This fear can be overcome to a greater or lesser extent by fighting it and consistently doing so. Familiarity and learning certainly helps. So you don’t like spiders well learn what they do, which ones bite, recognise the different types, understand and then apply the principle to your life.

Research and knowledge are power, power to conquer your fear of investing hard earned money in property, so assess the risk, learn understand to reduce the risk, fight the things you don’t understand until all the processes become known and the fear and anxiety of the new will dissipate.